Last night, M and I went for quick bite of Sushi. This is a common Sushi site recently in Japan. Sushi goes round and round and you get to pick the ones you like from this circling sushi OR you can touch screen and order the sushi you like. One plate of sushi is just 105 yen in most places like this and it’s fast, easy and cheap. So you don’t have to go to expensive traditional sushi place to find good sushi to eat, you can just go into this new kind of sushi restaurant where you can pick and choose from different kind of sushi. M and I love it.

How to Make Simple Sushi (Japan)

Making sushi doesn’t have to be hard or complex. Everything you need to make sushi can be found at an Asian market in your area. However – because I know that all of our readers have little ones in tow, (So do I!), I am 
Chanel Birthdays @Sushi Japan! | little.miss.marshall

We celebrated my friend Jacqueline turning 24 at Sushi Japan, easily the best sushi restaurant in Omaha! Jac looked so cute rocking her LBD with her vintage Chanel belt and I was digging the whole crew’s ensembles!
Metalivium: Ino Sushi – Japan Town, San Francisco, CA

Ino Sushi – Japan Town, San Francisco, CA. July 25th, 2013. Good sushi. Bad parasites. Posted by m/-_-m/ at 10:56 AM · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook 
What is sushi? Japanese dish! | Sushi Japan

It seems to be rather difficult to explain “sushi” briefly. As you know, there are many kinds of w.
Do you know? Sushi ingredients | Sushi Japan

What kind of ingredients for sushi do you know? From now on, I show you some traditional and popul.
The Best Sushi in Japan – Eat Your Kimchi

We haven’t had all of the sushi Japan has to offer. I’m sure there’s a guy somewhere that’s better. But, I’ll quantify our claim this way: A guy we know is a serious foodie in Japan. He’s been to many awesome places. He’s eaten at Jiro Sushi.
What is “Sushioke”? Sushi making kit! | Sushi Japan

We need several particular tools in order to make Japanese sushi. Some are used almost only by profe.
Take this! Sushi cake | Sushi Japan

Do you know what “sushi cake” is? Is it sushi? Or is it a cake? I would like to investigate about th.

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