Believe in Love


I always believed in love. Partly because my parents were highschool sweethearts and they’ve met in elementary school. My mom had a crush on my dad back in elementary. So I always believed in love. In fact, I imagined myself marrying my highschool sweethearts. But unfortunately, none of my highschool relationships lasted long and right now I cannot getting imagine myself married to any of the boys I had met in highschool. In the past relationship, believing in true love had been difficult and they saw it as “too much” “too serious” “too intense” for me to believe in true love that last forever and ever.

But with M, we both believe in love in the same way. I fell in love with M from the first sight though for M, it took him our first date to realize that we are meant to be. Our relationship I believe is working out because we both have same value of love, relationship and family. Our end goal in relationship is not just marriage but to have a happy family. We both believe in love and that I believe is really important because when we say “I love you” we really mean it in the same way. We are not just saying it and that’s reassuring for me and for M.



‘First Look’ Photos That Will Make You Believe In Love

The “First Look” photo is one of the most powerful pictures taken at a wedding. Whether the marrying couple sees each other before the ceremony, or for the first time while walking down the aisle, the moment is so emotional 
12 Dogs Who Believe In Love At First Sight (GIFS) – Huffington Post

Sometimes you lock eyes with a stranger, and you just know that you’re meant to be together. Well, that’s what these 12 dogs think!


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