Beauty of Communication


I may had mentioned earlier that M and I use different way of communicating to keep our relationship going. When I was in Norway, I had chance to meet up with my friend from elementary school who have kids. Her kids can only speak Norwegian and I only English and Japanese. First hour or so, I tried to communicate using English because I thought she may understand some of the words but unfortunately, she was not found of speaking few words she knows in English so… we ended up using lots of body languages, facial expression, and I used just one word “nei” in Norwegian and guess what! We were able to play this simple little game. She started hiding her eyes with her sunglasses and she told me if she can see her eyes. This I found out through my friend who translated to me what she was saying. With this game, only thing I had to do was use the word “no” and bunch of facial expression and different vocal tone and body language. My friend’s little girl whose 3 yrs old was laughing out loud giggling though we in language term were not communicating well.

This encounter had really proved to me that spoken words or language is not the only way to communicate. As M and I always say, communication is not only about spoken words. Sure, I may had gotten known her more if I was able to communicate with this little girl in Norwegian and ask her about her favorite color or animals but even without spoken words, were were able to establish a trusting relationship where she opened up and held my hand. I really believe that for the relationship to work, you need to able to communicate in different ways and that is what M and I are trying to do as much as possible.

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Communication in relationship is extremely important for the success of the relation. It not only provides a strong base but also nourishes it and makes it lifelong. If you are in any business that deals directly with public then you 
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Communication is a vital part of our lives: a typical day involves many interactions between ourselves, our work colleagues and clients, our children, our friends, our ex’s, future relationships, etc. This interaction takes place 

The ability to communicate clearly is important in every relationship, but nowhere is it more important than between two people who are in a romantic partnership. Being able to communicate means far more than the two of you 
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Lack of Communication in Relationship. Communication is an important office staff in daily reinforcement to keep things going on correctly. Animals bring by dint of sounds and smell, heavy the others this is my territory.
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For a relationship to be successful, you need to understand how to communicate with each other and understand each other. Effective communication in a relationship, just like trust, can help both of you understand each other 
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Communication in Relationship – Motivational Quotes. “Communication is amongst the most viable link in a relationship and is highly. encouraged. It gives access to knowing what’s in the heart of you partner. Using it wisely 

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2 thoughts on “Beauty of Communication

  1. iamyourme says:

    For about three years there was nonverbal communication between my daughter and myself. She did not develop her verbal speech until about 4. She had excellent comprehension but her grasp of the English language was not there. It sounded like jibberish 🙂 There was nothing wrong with her hearing either, she just chose not to speak English. But what I found interesting is that she comprehended Spanish, some Chinese and at times sounded as if she was speaking Japanese (we did have confirmation on that). Anyway, our communication was smooth and beautifull until, LOL, she started speaking English. Once she started to speak the language, I found myself saying “what? slow down, or I don’t understand”. and she too started to develop a challenge with comprehension, where before, there were none. I feel her brain at times trying to switch from whichever language she speaks to herself, to english. She’s much more fluent now, but still struggles a little. She can read very clearly and precisely, but when it comes to verbalizing her thoughts, she struggles. Very interesting 🙂 For the most part, I enjoy nonverbal communication. I think it is the purest form of communication, the more authentic version. It comes more from the heart because it is kept simple and to the point. There is too many words in audible language. I don’t know about sign language…


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