Solo as my friend says is a very Norwegian drink. It is Orange soda and it reminded me kind of like Orengina but it taste more like orange juice than that. I tried it in various places and I am pretty sure you can get it pretty much everywhere in Norway. If you are looking for fruity soda, try it out!


Not Just Apples: norwegian food, fjords and fun

norwegian food, fjords and fun. a couple of weekends ago, my mum and i went to Bergen in Norway for the weekend. we’ve done a girly weekend trip around the time of my birthday for the past 7 years, and it’s sort of a 
Norwegian Food Prices Highest in EU – Global Economic Intersection

by Felix Richter, · statistalogo. Norway has the highest food prices in Europe by a considerable distance, according to figures released by Eurostat. Well known for a healthy economy powered by lucrative 
Norwegian Food – Prepare to Serve

Norwegian Food. Norwegian Food · Alex July 9, 2013 at 1:27 pm. Norwegian Food. Tweet. Leave a reply. Cancel reply. Your Name required. Your Email required. Comment. ← Learn Norwegian · Time lapses of Norway →. Copyright 



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