Located in the heart of Oslo is a Palace. Unfortunately, they were doing a construction around this area which will be complete in May 2014 I believe so the view of the palace was blocked with ugly construction but depsite of all that it was quite impressive to see how big it was. Top floor is occupied for royal family rooms, dinning room on the 2nd floor, and whole floor for kitch on the ground floor, this palace look over city of Oslo from top of the hill. The garden area of Palace seems to be open to the public and it is easy to get to from city center. I believe this whole area would look absolutely beautiful after the construction.

Royalty Online: [Norway] Palace confirms royal US tour for King …

[Norway] Palace confirms royal US tour for King Harald and Queen Sonja. Plans for the trip have been known for months, but the palace confirmed this week that it will take place October 11-22, and include visits to Minnesota 
Irish Nomad in Norway: Palace sleepovers and vaccinations.

I’ve been having a bit of trouble sleeping properly so am very fuzzy-headed this week. Hard to come up with a clear thought, not to mention commit any thoughts to ‘paper’. But there are a couple of things, I’m going to mention, 
Palace Properties International’s Mark Palace Conducts Business in …

Melbourne, FL, June 6th, 2008– Mark Palace is truly taking advantage of his seven years of living in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Palace’s network of referrals is the key marketing channel for his international real estate 
Norway-Iceland Day 1 | Cascadian

Norway’s palace seemed to be very reminiscent of London’s Buckingham Palace, which we’d seen last year, but more austere and on a smaller scale. In fact, we arrived in time to watch Oslo’s changing of the guard, with an 
Palace: Norway informed about termination of talks with NDF …

peace negotiations between the two parties, on the termination of talks. Click here to read the full article. 81. Like. Save. Share. Tweet this; Share to Facebook; Pin It. Tags: about, informed, Norway, Palace, talks, termination.

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