On the Way Home


I came down with fever since yesterday (my last whole day in Oslo) and now I am Heathrow and I feel terrible. I have a massive headache, soar throat, muscles and joint pains, and I feel cold. I can tell that it is a fever because my body feels warm and I feel dizzy. Flight from Oslo to Heathrow was pretty good except my ears hurt so much from the flight.

Right now, I am back home and I feel better but still… I had to go to see the doctors riht away to get antibiotics. M nor mom couldn’t pick me up from the airport today so I had to take the train changed to another train to get home and it was terrible. Now, I feel bit better but my throat is killing me. Trip itself was amazing but right now all I wish was for my throat to disappear.

Overland Travel – Home and away –

Overland Travel USA, Van – Juan and I spent two-and-a-half weeks in California. Being back home was incredible. We were hosted in five different beds (six for Juan, since he was also in SoCal). We rode planes, traines, and 
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Travel… Home Improvements… July 25th, 2013 at 12:16 pm. **It’s hard to sleep in our house these days. LM has not slept very well with his brother gone. The cat has been a total and complete menace. I have been making sure to exercise him 
48 hours in montreal | bringing travel home

The only place I know offering francophone culture so strongly this side of the Atlantic is in Montreal, Quebec – an island city in the middle of the St. Lawrence River. Montreal is a lively, international destination which offers 
travel home with you | Travel Happy and Fun

travel with your netbook, convey an audio/visual cord with you.

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