Now I'm Home


I had a great time in Norway but I really missed M. I cannot believe two weeks and I will be engaged. It is funny that I know that he will propose but there is not much secret between us. I still don’t know where he is taking me so I guess that’s one secret but I pretty much know that he will. I am still recovering from fever though it temperture went down a little. M as always is worried sick about me and called me few times. He told me he can tell that I don’t feel well because of the voice. He said I don’t have energy in my voice… I never really thought about it but it is nice that he notice that difference.

Interestingly, while I was in Norway one of my ex boyfriends started talking to me out of blue. He apparently had got back into town where we both used to live together and he suddenly miss our time together. Random! I did a little bit of facebook research and (don’t worry we are friends on facebook so it is not completely stalking) it seems like he has broke it off with his girlfriend who has a little girl. Strange! It doesn’t really matter to me if he wish to see me again or whatever because I am with M and I have no feeling for this ex but… it is funny how we both long for the special person in the past when we get lonely.

I have to admit, I don’t know how many times I had contacted my past lover in order to reconnect and to have that special comfortable feeling from the past so I don’t blame him for doing that but that was one of the incident in Norway. M was worried that I will get attacked by Norwegian boys but I am safe and I am well except for this fever thing. I’m so thankful that I have met M because he just knows how to comfort me when I am sick or upset and I know that he always wants to be the good boyfriend. I cannot wait for my birthday. Two more weeks, here we go!

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The LA workshop was a blast, so many good people So I finally made it back to Japan, and the jetlag has completely nailed me. I flew back with Singapore Ai.
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back to Japan. Kento June 9, 2013. I had to do a sketch of Kento tonight before he leaves for Japan tomorrow. He has lived with us for the past five months, and it will be hard to say goodbye. He has a very serious look on his face for the sketch 
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