I got Boller from Narvesen (kiosk?) eventhough I was super full from the pizza. My friend told me it is a MUST EAT thing in Norway because it is very Norwegian. The one I had had raisns in them and there are chocolate one and plain one. It tasted like a bun so I am not so sure what is very Norwegian about it but it tasted good so if you want to try Boller, you can try it even from the kiosk by the station. Quick and easy food!

Norwegian Boller | My Healthy Food Recipes

These rolls flavored with cardemon are beloved in Norway. Read more from the original source: Norwegian Boller. 0 I like This. Jul 20, 2013 at 6:19 pm. all-over, boller, norway, norwegian-boller, rolls-flavored, sweet-dishes, table-border.
Tales of a Texpatriate: snow, buns and travel

that might have to wait a little, like, after Easter when prices drop a bit. It’s expensive to travel around Easter, a big holiday in Europe. Everyone leaves. Brain farted by Karla at 5:32 PM. Labels: boller, Norway, travel, winter 

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