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Norweigan Folk Museum was located about 20-30min walk from Skoyen station. I walked but there are busses going there too I believe. It is close to viking museum. This place is huge and I don’t even know if I managed to see everything in this museum. There are old/traditional houses from all over Norway. You can go inside some of them and you can take pictures. It is a perfect way to know Norwegian culture and I quite enjoy walking around this park like museum. I have heard that you can try some Norwegian food there but when I was there, museum was quite crowded with local kindergarten kids and also middle schoolers so I only spent an hour or so strolling around. It is a must see place if you really want to know the Norwegian culture.

Historic buildings and rural customs at the Norwegian Folk Museum

The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, also known as the Norwegian Folk Museum, located in Oslo’s Bygdøy Peninsula, is a magnificent display of historic buildings and traditions of urban and rural life stretching from the 
Maman Modeuse:

Norwegian folk museum. Aujourd’hui je voudrais vous parler du musée folklorique norvégien que j’ai adorée visiter! Ce musée en plein air présente 155 maisons traditionnelles des différentes régions de Norvège, une vrai 
Pictures Tell A Story: Traditional Dress at Norwegian Folk Museum

My Photo · Wayne · View my complete profile. Monday, July 22, 2013. Traditional Dress at Norwegian Folk Museum. Posted by Wayne at 11:26 PM · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. No comments: Post a Comment 
Viking ships lose out to Munch – Views and News from Norway

Two of Oslo’s most traditional tourist attractions, the Viking Ship Museum and Norwegian Folk Museum at Bygdøy, are reporting declines in their numbers of visitors. Summer crowds this year seem to be spending their time 
Norwegian Folk Museum Guide – Overseas Attractions

The Norwegian Folk Museum is an open-air museum of cultural history that offers its visitors an authentic travel in time to see how the Norwegian people have been living for the past 500 years.
Review: History and maritime exploration at the Bygdøy Peninsula …

The five museums in the Bygdøy peninsula are The Norwegian Folk Museum, The Kon-Tiki Museum, The Fram Museum, The Viking Ship Museum, and The Norwegian Maritime Museum. A visit to the interesting Norwegian 

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One thought on “Norwegian Folk Museum

  1. reocochran says:

    My one side of the family (Mom’s) has Swedish ancestry so I looked to see if it reminded me of the photos and clothing. Very interesting and I do enjoy your comments.


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