Viking Museum

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Viking Museum was super duper exciting. When I think of Norway, second thing that comes to my mind is Viking. When I heard that there is a Viking Museum, I had to go to it because it is one of the first things that come to my head when I think of Norway. Viking Museum is a place where you can see real viking ships and little bit of tools that Viking used such as sleds. You will be disappointed if you were expecting to see EVERYTHING about viking but if you are interested in seeing how viking ship might have been, go for it! I really enjoyed it. It was exciting to see how big it really was.

Vikings – New World Encyclopedia

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<a id="b_0" class="sq_news" href="; title="The Lofotr Viking Museum | Best Museums” >The Lofotr Viking Museum | Best Museums

May 3, 2009. The Lofotr Viking Museum. Posted in Uncategorized at 6:18 am by classicalmusic. Do the tales of the ancient Viking fascinate you? Well, if you happen to be in Norway, you must go the the Lofotr Viking Museum in Northern 

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