Cabin Life

First two nights in Norway, I stayed at my friend’s cabin. It was a very interesing experience not because I have never stayed in a cabin but I was aboe to experience Norwegian vacation. From what I understood, Norwegian people have a vacation at their cabin or they have a camping car that they stay during the vacation/weekend time. The cabin I stayed at was by the coast, so we stayed out in the sun by the sea. To be honest, I have never imagined myself tanning in Norway because I imagined Norway to be colder than what it would be in Victoria, Canada. But… funny thing is it was super hot under the sun. I was wearing shorts and bikini … and I was sweating from the sun. Two nights at the Cabin was very relaxing.

I went to see the town of Starvan and had a very delicious salmon there. I saw old church and old fort looking place that Norway used during the war. I got to see the Japanese art in Norway. It was a statue of alien looking warriors. Starvan was very beautiful and it almost felt like I was in a picture. The sea, green, and the old buildings all looked prefect in the sunny weather.

I also visited my friend’s cousin’s girlfriend family’s camping place where they had a camping wagon and a house looking living room attached to it. It was probably most unique thing I have seen. It looked like a house but it was attached to the tariler wagon and it seemed so comfortable. It looked just like a house. I don’t think you’d see something like this in Japan very often. We go camping in Japan but… it is nothing like that you know. Maybe because we don’t really have big space available for camping in Japan. I heard there are 300 camping wagons in that camping site and there are more camping sites along the coast. It was very cool. Maybe one day, I’d have an opportunity to stay in the camping site like this.

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Today I woke up at 6:00 am. I didn’t get much sleep last night but I guess that is because I was so anxious for today. I finished packing and then said goodbye to my siblings and my pets. It was very hard to say goodbye but I 

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Traveling to Norway. We all met up on the Homewood Hopkins campus at 1pm on Saturday. It decided to start raining, of course, just as we left our apartments and lugged our suitcases across campus to our meeting spot.

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A tour of Norway, starting at Bergen and sailing via the Nordnorge along the fjords.

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4 thoughts on “Cabin Life

  1. McCollonough says:

    Wow I too would have never thought you could sun bath in Norway. I guess it is true what they say about learning something new every day.


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