Worry Worry

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Lately, it makes me worry that I am going to lose M… nothing changed at all but it is just that I am busy… stressed and … overwhelmed with everything. I am not worried about M cheating on me or worry that his mind … his feeling changed about me. But… I must say that… something is making me worry… Maybe it is one thing that is stable… but somehow it makes me … worry that this one thing that keep me going … that keeps me stable might disappear.  I feel terrible that I cannot stay stable..

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6 thoughts on “Worry Worry

  1. ballerina95 says:

    Be confident of your feelings. Sometimes when I have less time for my O, I get a little bit worried. It is the Asian culture that we are born in. Where the woman has to have time for the man. Most often it is worry for nothing.


  2. annekuester says:

    It is one main property of life that it is unstable, unsecure. This is also true for relationships. And sure, this is hard to stand. You are certainly not the only one feeling this way.
    Life is some sort of adventure including its up and downs, what remains, is to be anxous of what is comming next, looking forward with pleasure, allthough it does not seem pleasing at first sight.


  3. chowell1215 says:

    hello there =) I have been keeping up with your blog, and I must say that I love how honest you are. I can really tell what you are feeling and when you are feeling it…but I want to challenge you with a question of “why” are you feeling it? You have a lot of worries, and it all seems to stem from the thought of losing M. Woman to woman, I completely understand your struggle. I was a full time student, working full time in a relationship…and it was the hardest 3 years of my life. We pushed through so that I may finish school as planned, but once that was done I had to sit down and think about what was the most important things in my life….and I chose my relationship. I still work, I still push for more in my career….but I also know that if it is going to negatively effect (time, fighting, distance, etc) my relationship….then I said no. It hasn’t been an easy thing to do…but it provides balance so that I may continue to work, and have a fulfilling relationship with my [now] new husband. You don’t have to give anything up….you just have to work out time management. I don’t think that you are insecure about your feelings for M, I think your worry comes from the fact that you don’t know if you can give him what he needs in a relationship. If you want to be with him, and you know that this is the man that you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with….find a way to give him what he needs, and he will do the same in return. Good luck honey, I pray everything works out for you!


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