Chiba Mother Farm


Yesterday was our monthly date day ~ ! We went to Chiba~ 2 hours away from whe I live to see these farm animals. I don’t get to see farm animals in daily basis because I do not live anywhere close to farm so visiting Mother Farm was a very exciting adventure for both M and I. The entrance fee was 1500 yen and if you would like to take a tour of farm in a shuttle it is 2200. They are doing a discouns right now so you can get a ticket with ride on a shuttle for 2000 yen.  M and I decided not to use the shuttle because number of the shuttles are very limited.

DSCF1368 DSCF1372

You can meet Llama really really close!! I went so close to Llama… I got his spit all over my face… yikeS!!




The other day, my brother went to this farm with his friends … a over night stay at farm, and he told me that this sheep and sheep dog show is a very exciting fun show.  I am not going to ruin the show for you but it is a must see show!! You willl be able to sheep from all over the world and very cute sheep dogs!


See how close you can get to the animal ? M and I really had amazing time watching and taking pictures of the farm animals. Very cute indeed!!


DSCF1413 DSCF1448



Duck show was also very very cute just because ducks walk RIGHT by your legs and you can really hear the noises of ducks.


Soft cream at the farm is ALWayS super tasty and I really enjoyed ice cream on the hot sunny day!


Mother Farm is not only about meeting the animals and watching the show! There are various work shops of craft and making daily goods, various rides of bangee jumping to go cart!!! M and I really enjoyed riding the go-carts !! I really recommend it for the day out of the city because you can spend all day laying down on the grass field ~, go on rides and looking at the show!!!

Japanguide: [Various flowers]

Address: 940-3 Takura, Futtsu, Chiba (Mother Farm) Directions: 25 min ride by bus from JR Sanukimachi Station (Mother Farm). Admission: 1,500 yen for adults (Mother Farm) Closed: January 9-13, weekdays of December 

Mother Farm: Wisata Peternakan di Chiba |

Tags: chiba, mother farm. Mother Farm adalah salah satu tempat wisata di Prefektur Chiba yang pernah kami kunjungi. Ada 2 alternatif rute transprotasi untuk mencapai tempat ini, bila menggunakan kereta api, jarak dan 

Tokyo’s 3 best zoos | CNN Travel – CNNGo

And it isn’t exactly in Tokyo, either. Located amidst rolling pastureland in deepest Chiba, Mother Farm is a solid two hours from downtown Tokyo, making it more of a day trip than a destination for casual visitors. But then again 

The Japan Years: The Mother Ship: Japan Photo Blog (Yokosuka …

Last week, Mike, Joshua and I took a trip to the Chiba Mother Farm. Ever since his buddies came to visit, Mike has been itching to take us to Chiba via the ferry. From here, there are 3 ways to get to Chiba. Driving around the 

A Wolf’s Solemn Word – CHIBA (Mother Farm)

Took us half of the day just to get to this freaking place…the train was like once every half hour…then when we got to the last station,we found out we needed to wait ANOTHER half hour for the bus.

Our Japanese Adventures: Chiba Mother Farm

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Going there is quite easy. Rent a car, cross the beautiful Aqualine… and it’s almost there. A little bit more than 70km from Tokyo city center. Mother Farm is a big farm turned into a amusement-education park. Kids can see 

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Evan’s #1 “must do” at Chiba Mother Farm … milking a cow—> Check! After the milking we we headed back through the tunnel. We were ‘rushing’ but we really wanted to make the Sheep Show… 12 minutes… can we do it?

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Chiba’s Mother FarmMother farm is a mix between an actual farm, a borderline cheesy attraction, and a farm fair. It has such activities/attractions as petting zoos, pig racing, a sheep show, and… Widgets


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