Can't Wait

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Tomorrow it will be a month before my bday! I’m so excited! At the same time I am so busy that I wonder when I’d feel relaxed.

Tomorrow is aloso our date day. We are planing on taking a trip to Chiba for a day. I hope I can get all my work done tonight. I really hope so… for me and for M.

‘Facebook cheating’ ruined my engagement, and apparently I’m not …

According to research, Facebook can doom your relationship. In my case, it caused me to reconnect with my ex and doom my upcoming marriage.

<a id="b_4" class="sq_news" href="; title="Study: Facebook engagement increases reach of daytime TV” >Study: Facebook engagement increases reach of daytime TV

While marketers should take into account other metrics when evaluating the effectiveness of their online ads, such as time spent, engagement and frequency, this recent study demonstrates that Facebook can be a very 

The Only Time You Want Zero Engagement on Facebook – HubSpot

Learn how to interpret Facebook analytics with their latest News Feed change, and subsequently adapt your content strategy.

How to Grow Adoption and Engagement for your Mobile App

It’s never been easier to build an app. Conversely, it’s never been more difficult to gain adoption for one.

Agorapulse Facebook Report Shows Less Fans Equals Higher …

My mother told me I should never compare myself to other people, but sometimes I can’t help it. When my …

Google Analytics Engagement Report: How to Find Helpful User …

The Engagement report has two parts: Visit Duration and Page Depth. These reports can help you profile good customer’s actions, which can help you target more customers of a similar nature and turn unsuccessful visits into Widgets


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