If You Can't Decide What to Eat, Why Not Family Restaurant?


M and I from earlier on in our dating life had a talk about if it is practical for us to have a romantic dinner every time we have a date. M’s guy friend would have said, if you are on a date guy should take a girl out for a dinner dinner with romantic view every time.

But… for M and I, we knew from the start that we will be together for a long time so eating out to expensive restaurant and try to be who we are not was not something that we wanted to do. From the start, we decided that it is okay for us to go to Mcdonad or noodle shop or  quick bite from Sukiya.  It is silly for us to fool our self when we can just relax and eat whatever we want whenever we want to.

So when we are out and about in a car, finding restaurant is pretty difficult because we have to think about parking space and in central Tokyo where parking is expensive and stopping in front of shop to get a quick bite seems impossible, we often find ourselves in family restaurant like Denny’s, Jonathan, Gasto, Ba-miyan, Royal Host… and you know the rest.

Reason why we find family restaurant appealing sometimes is because we often find our selves wanting two different kind of food. In family restaurant such as Jonathan, Denny’s, Gasto and Royal Host you can choose Japanese or western food. We don’t fight over food but it is nice to have this choice.

Another reason why we stop by family restaurant often is because we tend to travel by car and most of the family restaurant located by the busy road is family restaurant. Since we both tend to feel hungry by the end of a long day driving around places, family restaurant provide food quickly without much weight.

Family Restaurant | Disma

Cinque pizze facili · Simspons & Family Guy · Pizza on my back · Sono spregevole. Posted in: giappone, ristoranti. Tagged: anpanman · familiresu · family restaurant · japan · tokyo. ← Oggi e’ venuto in skate Setsubon → 

そして俺は途方に暮れる 東京、香港。香港、東京。/ウェブリブログ

8 Family Restaurant (Japan) Prod: Yuji HIRATAI, Dir: Izuru KUMASAKA 9 Fellers (USA) Prods: Yoko NARAHASHI, Lucas FOSTER, Dir: TBC 10 The Fourth Portrait (Taiwan) Prod: Rita CHUANG, Dir: CHUNG Mong-Hong

hungrybella: Kurikuma

There are many more dishes to try here, so I have to come back and try them all. Everything was oishii. Posted by Hungrybella at 5:00 PM. Labels: $$, Affordable, Dinner, Family Restaurant, Japan, Japanese, Kurikuma, Kyoto, Sake, Seafood, 

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Nice blog about “fami-resu”. Before I read this blog, I didn’t know that some of the chain came from United States. This entry was posted in food and tagged fami-resu, family restaurant, Japan, restaurant by FotoMasa.

Kore-eda’s Ship, Swarup adaptation among TPG projects | News …

8 Family Restaurant (Japan) Prod: Yuji HIRATAI, Dir: Izuru KUMASAKA. 9 Fellers (USA) Prods: Yoko NARAHASHI, Lucas FOSTER, Dir: TBC. 10 The Fourth Portrait (Taiwan) Prod: Rita CHUANG, Dir: CHUNG Mong-Hong.

Jap.: Family restaurant

are snap of ‘Family restaurant’, could you try when you’ll come to Japan? It’s really convenient! See ya. nii. Mii and Nii in the ‘Family restaurant’. Posted by miiandnii at 8:20 AM. Labels: cheap, Family restaurant, JAPAN 


4 thoughts on “If You Can't Decide What to Eat, Why Not Family Restaurant?

  1. iamyourme says:

    I do have a favorite (so far) family restaurant here in the US. The portions are big and varied which is perfect for me – love to eat – and my children are picky eaters so its good that someone else gets to cook muliple meals to satisfy them instead of me! LOL


    • aimi says:

      Yes hehe it truly is the beauty of family restaurant. Unfortunately family resturant here in Japan does not cook big portion meal but you will be able to eat food of different kind at resonable price!


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