Hana Yashiki


Who would have thought there is a theme park in the middle of nowhere… I’ve heard of Hana Yashiki, I think the oldest theme park in Japan… but I really had no idea where it was located.  Today…. M and I walked and walked and we found it in the middle of no where… by this market street.


See… the entrance! The entrance seems like a gift shop and nothing more… but there is a ticket booth and a gate that takes you inside of this very unique theme park.



See? There is even a shopping street named after this theme park?


How is this theme park unique?
This theme park as M said make you feel like you are in the Toy world!
Is the theme park targeting kids? Well… I don’t really want to say that because some of the rides were pretty scary even for the adults.  When M and I got to the theme park we saw a very interesting sight of couples just resting… some of the bf’s were putting their head down and… they were sleeping.  M and I thought they were just not in a good mood or in a fight or something but… we found it kind of odd that all couples seemed to be not happy except for us… but we didn’t know what was to come yet.


First ride we rode on was this roller coaster and this is the most famous in this theme park.  This roller coaster is pretty short duration wise but takes you into edo buildings and you will see Edo people. I found it very funny and it was kind of fun.



In this theme park,  there were lot of arcade games, I believe three haunted house like attraction, roller coaster, two kind of tower attractions, star ride, house, taxi, train…. but what is unique about this theme park is that ride it self is pretty short.



When you go to Hanayashiki you will recognize some of the characters from the children’s book like this house made of snacks and red riding hood, wolf and hunter.



It is a pretty small theme park so you can probably ride on everything in under 2 or 3 hours. System of the theme park is you pay 900 yen to enter and you pay for each ride by purchasing a ticket. Ticket is 100 yen and if you buy 11 in a row it cost 1000 yen.  Every rides requires certain amount of tickets.  So you may have bunch of tickets left in the end so… make sure to calculate as you go on rides.


This theme park is probably perfect for elementary school children to have fun on their own especially older kids because it is pretty small and compact theme park yet there are various interesting rides.  It seems like you can get a day pass where you can ride on any thing you want for a day or hours I am not sure how the system works but …. I saw some children wearing a bracelet who hopped on roller coaster number of time. It probably would work well for a birthday party get together for younger children because it is small and parents will be able to supervise children closely.


Is it for adults and couple ?

Rides look like they are for children but… if I have to rate in term of how scary, how exciting the rides are… they are completely appropriate for adults. As long as you are over 120 cm, you can ride on most of the rides I believe.


But!!! as I have mentioned earlier… couples we saw at the park themed very uncomfortable, upset? or tired at the park. Reason they were not in a good shaped as we found out is that… because of the rides. Most of the rides are based on the circular motion there fore adults like ourselves get motion sickness.  I unfortunately had to throw up because… I did not feel good after riding 3 rides that was in circular motion. It made me really dizzy.




I recommend this place to couple who are interested in doing something different with their time.  This theme park would only take an hour or two of your time because it is small and it is located in Asakusa so you can spend the rest of the day something different with your partner.  If you are expecting Hana Yashiki to be like Fujikyu Highland, you will be very disappointed but if you can see it as some kind of Toy land where you get to be a child again…you will be able to see how exciting.. thrilling those rides are.

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A small, retro theme park that offers a whole lot of fun!

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