Piggy Bank Money Talk

couple and money

I must say M and I have a pretty unique relationship I believe because I had never ever had a relationship in which we talk about money. I mean not like HOW MUCH DO WE HAVE or HOW MUCH IS IN BANK ACCOUNT no silly…. we don’t talk about that!

M talk to me first when he have a big purchase like… buying a car. I have never told M to discuss about money at all but he insisted on asking me when he is thinking of buying something over 100 dollars.  I’m assuming that he is doing so either because his parents talk about it or cause all the TV shows portray couple arguing about the BIG PURCHASE…

Even though M most likely know that I am going to say sure go ahead, he had asked me if he can purchase a car and also when he purchased new glasses.  When I asked him why he does this, he told me that he feel that I should know about big purchase because his money is my money and  that we have a future together.  Another day, he asked me how he should spend 1000 dollar he saved in his piggy bank. I was shocked because I mean I don’t talk about my piggy bank situation with him …. but he had asked my opinion on whether he should spend the money saved for loan for the car or for two of us.

Even though we are not married, talk about finance like this makes me think that our relationship after marriage won’t be that bad. I don’t really recommend sharing finance with partner because how risky is it to share that information even if you trust and care about the person and I am telling you we don’t talk about how much money in the bank or how much money we make and all that but I always feel like he really cares about me when he includes me in his decision making.

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4 thoughts on “Piggy Bank Money Talk

  1. Awake BW says:

    I agree, this is very smart of you guys to be already discussing money, finances etc. Something to consider when you are hitched: 1 joint bank account – for the big purchases, and you can keep your current separate accounts. Works brilliantly for my parents and they are still married hundred elebenty zillion years later 😉


    • aimi says:

      Oh thanks for the tips! Yes, I think that’s what we are going to do. It is unfortunate to see couples fighting over money so I hope our way help us to not fight over money.


  2. ballerina95 says:

    I agree with Awake BW. My husband and I have a joint account when we got married but we both kept our individual accounts when we were still single. In the early years of our marriage, money gifts from my mother I would keep separate from the joint account. That gives each one of you a certain independence even if you are already living together.


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