Happy Future Mother's Day!!

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Surprise, suprise M bought me flower for Mother’s Day even though I am not his wife nor mother.  He had told me he got it for his future children’s mother and his wife to be.  It was pretty romantic to here those words from his mouth.

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Mother’s day is the day to Thank the mother, appreciate her and show your love for her. This year, my parents had gone on a trip with their mothers.  So I had not had time to show my appreciation yet.

When I become a mother in future, what kind of mother do I want to be? I think about it often especially because M and I often imagine our life with children in near future.  Children’s name, children’s education, children’s life style… I guess in one way we connect is we have similar interest in how to raise out children.  We both know how we want to raise our children and we know what kind of value is important in having a family that we can imagine us starting our life together.


But isn’t it usual for couples to talk about future like that if you have been together for sometime?  Some of my friends who have boyfriend had mentioned that they think they will eventually marry his boyfriend because they have been together for few years. Interestingly, they had mentioned that their boyfriends had not brought talk of marriage at all and when they do, they are not comfortable about talking about it at the same time talk about marriage occasionally is discussed despite of the fact that boyfriend’s attitude seems to not care. So does talk of marriage may come up in  a relationship…but how do I know for sure that he means what he is saying to me.

Talk is one thing and action is another. This flower of appreciation, purchase of a ring, and his invitation to meeting his parents had all suggested to me that he means what he said.

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