5 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Going When You Are On A Trip

long distance

M and I had been together for 9 months, since we had been together we both had go on our trip on our own. Short or long trip, there is  a time you and your partner face time when you have to be in a long distance relationship.  These are some of the ways we make the best out of our situation.

long distance phone call

Of course, calling is the common way to contact but when one is traveling it is hard to know when you have time to contact each other. When you are traveling overseas and there is a huge time difference, calling is almost impossible especially when you or your partner lives/traveling with your family.

couple texting

1. Texting

If you are traveling domestically or if you have enough money to pay international texting service, texting is easiest and fastest way of keeping in touch.

couple facebook

2.  Facebook
Even if you are traveling internationally, if you have access to wireless checking facebook and sending the message from facebook is easy. Cellphone, computer or iPad, you can leave a message even if there is a time difference.

long distance computer

3. E-mail
Of course, e-mail is a good way to keep in touch but make sure you know how often your partner check their e-mail before you leave for a trip.

long distance skype

4. Skype
Skype can be used when you have stable access to internet but problem with skype is that you and your partner have to be on at the same time in order to talk on the phone together. If you now for sure that you can have access to internet, skype is great because you can even see faces of each other.

woman postcard

5. Post Card
Traveling or waiting, sending a card or letter help to keep in touch. Sending a card shows how much you care and beside collecting cards of all places your partner been to can be a lot of fun.


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