Nine Months and …

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Nine months has passed since our first date and we are still great.  Have we changed ? Well… we often talk about how we have not changed a bit since our first date, and it is true that nothing really have changed for us. We make up songs and sing our lung out… we laugh and we still tell each other how much we mean to each other every day.

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Nine month ago, I imagined after 6 months he will not text or call me that much because in the past, relationship went down hill from 3-4 months. But surprisingly, M began to text and call and text me more as we figure out when is a good time for us to call or text each other.  We finally figure out balance of how much text, how much call work for us.

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I think the major change for us since the first date is that we are more open to discuss our emotion and concern. We are not afraid to tell another what need to be changed in the relationship or what we dislike about each other openly.  We both accept criticisms, we appreciate each other and we apologize to each other when we had done something wrong.

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But… for me being able to openly express my emotion, concern and speak up when I dislike something about the partner had been difficult in the past relationships because I was afraid of making my partner uncomfortable. I always wanted to be comfort and not discomfort.  Surprisingly, M sees criticism as positive because he believes that only person who love truly and who cares truly can say criticism.  So…. now I can fully express myself without fear of break up.


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