Securing Relationship with Texting

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M and I have a pretty good relationship we know when we are busy when we have time.  We manage to know each other’ schedule because we discuss one month schedule in advance. We write down each other’s schedule on our daily calendar and it help us to keep track of things. It help us not to worry too much.

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For example, when he is going drinking with his friends I know a month in advance so I can plan my day for myself and not only do I not worry when he does not reply my text much but also I can ask him about his day the next day. It helps both of us because he does not have to guilty for not contacting much and it helps me from not worrying too much.

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One of the most comforting thing that he does as mentioned before is that he text me twice a day one in the morning and one after his work and often another when he goes to bed. It helps me to know how busy he is as well as we both feel secure from this regular messages. These three mails are our regular mail and only time we worry about not getting text is when we do not get them.  So it help us to establish comfort and it spare us from worrying for no reason.

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Of course, it works for us because we both feel the same way about texting and we both need the comfort of each other to feel secure about our relationship so I am not saying that it will work for all relationship but this is how we manage to not worry so much about texting.

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