Takao-San Trick Art Museum


Have you ever wanted to go to land of Mummies and Pyramid? Well… you don’t need to take a plane because Takao-San Trick Art Museum take you to Egypt. DSCF0428

The Takao-San trick Museum is built like a maze so once you enter the museum, your mission is to find the doors to go to the next room. In order to go to the second floor, you are to complete all the missions. This is adventurous, artistic and very exciting.  I recommend this place for couples, friends and family .  Make sure to bring your camera because there are lots of photo moments and you can take photos as much as you want in this museum!


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Takaosan | Green Immersion

Takaosan. The road may be paved, but that doesn’t mean it was easy. Walking several miles a day around Tokyo doesn’t change the fact that it’s been a while since I’ve tackled an incline. Is it bad that I felt slightly victorious 
Takaosan: Fuji View | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

I saw Mount Fuji on the Keio-sen on the way to Takao-san, but it seemed to have disappeared by the time I reached the summit. On a clear day, you can see Mount Fuji in the middle of this scene–to the right of the pointy mountain on the left.
<a class="sq_news" id="b_2" title="Tenguyaki in Takaosan | Tokyo Eats” href=”http://www.tokyoeats.jp/tenguyaki-in-takaosan/”>Tenguyaki in Takaosan | Tokyo Eats

It’s called Mount Takao (Takaosan) and it’s hard to believe that such a beautiful mountain is just an hour or two away by public transportation from central Tokyo. It’s a nice getaway from the busy city life and the best part is they 
Takaosan | asceticsandpilgrims

Takaosan. By Caleb Carter. Last month, I posted pictures of the autumn foliage at Mount Togakushi, which rises to 1904m (6246). For the lower Mount Takao though, the maples were peaking this past week. Only an hour west 
Takaosan Taki-biraki | WAttention – Discover Wonderland Japan

Takaosan Taki-biraki, Waterfall Opening Ceremony of Yakuo-in Temple on Mt. Takao. An ascetic ritual of Yamabushi, mountain priests chanting sutras, takes place under the cascading Biwa-taki waterfall, from 11 am, and under the Ja-taki 
Mt. Takao (Takaosan) in Fall « Punynari’s Island Adventures

Mt. Takao (Takaosan) in Fall. Mar9 by punynari. I previously said that Shirakawa-go was my favorite photo shoot in Japan but this is tied for first. Japan looks beautiful in the fall but you have to get lucky with the weather and with the timing 
Takaosan Momiji Matsuri (Maple Leaf Festival) | WAttention …

Takaosan Momiji Matsuri, literally meaning Maple Leaf Festival on Mt. Takao, Hachioji on the outskirts of Tokyo. On the 20th, Kuruma Ningyo (traditional puppet plays manipulated and performed by puppeteers sitting on the. small moving 
Takaosan: Fallen Leaves | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

+ Add jpellgen Member since 2006. Taken on November 19, 2009 · Hachioji-shi, Tokyo Prefecture, JP · Nikon D40; 111 Views. jpellgen’s photostream (9,999) · Sun-Soaked Maple Leaves · Fallen Leaves · Takaosan: Fallen Leaves · Contrast 


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