ダウンロードダウンロード (7)

Have you wonder where you can find a nice Planetarium to go to in Tokyo?
To be honest,  I have not been to Planetarium for ages and I was not expecting too much but… guess what!!  It was amazing. Located at the top of Sunshine City right next to the Aquarium, the planetarium provide romantic place for couple.  The planetarium show couple of different shows per day.  When I visited the Planetarium with my man, they were doing aromatic therapy ( a scent of mint) while viewing the beautiful stars.  So check this place out for your next romantic date! 🙂


Read this if you want to buy from YesAsia – Music

Planetarium (Japan Version) 1 $11.25; Taiyou no Uta (SINGLE+DVD) (Taiwan Version) 1 $9.49; Taiyou no Uta (SINGLE+DVD) (Taiwan Version) 1 $9.49; Timeless – Special Edition (ALBUM+DVD)(Limited Edi… 1 $30.75
Cool Japan / Press given preview of Tokyo Sky – Cool Japan Guide

meter complex consists of a 312-tenant shopping and restaurant zone called Tokyo Solamachi, an office building zone, an aquarium and a planetarium. (Japan Times) Link:
<a class="sq_news" id="b_2" title="Planetarium – japan fantasy (^^) and (t_t)and (°-°)” href=””&gt;Planetarium – japan fantasy (^^) and (t_t)and (°-°)

vOiLla kissss du japon J’adore CeTte CHANTEUSE.
Planetarium: Japanese Band – HOIDOOS

Went to watch ASIAN BEAT GRAND FINALS yesterday Ngee Ann Civic Plaza, Singapore, held by YAMAHA Music. Thanks to one of my colleague who has this ticket and offered them out. There are all bands coming down to 


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