Haneda Airport Surprise

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Have you ever had a surprise that just made you go WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW?!
Well, I have.  My man knew I was going on a family trip to Hawaii and yes he knew what time I was leaving but few days before the trip, we had said our goodbyes so I never expected this surprise.

On the day to the airport, we were talking on the phone texting…. and I told him I got to the airport and he replied by saying “me too!” So … I replied by saying “What really?” And…. he was there! He was there at the gate ! It was shocking because… he had work. He didn’t have a car… he just took the trains after work and he came!

Not only he came but he met my parents for the first time. We were only together three weeks but he was willing to meet my parents. From that day, I knew this relationship was not like any other relationship.



Haneda Airport (HND) – Japan Guide

Haneda Airport (HND), formally known as Tokyo International Airport, was opened in 1931. With the completion of the new Narita Airport (NRT) in 1978, Narita Airport took over most of Tokyo’s international air traffic, and Haneda Airport was 
Lalalaland…: A night in Haneda Airport

Narita is definitely bigger and better as the primary international airport serving Greater Tokyo Area of Japan, but for most Tokyoites, they prefer Haneda due to its close proximity to the metropolis. My flight was due to land at 
DoT Awards Delta the Rights for Seattle – Haneda | The Networker

The U.S Department of Transportation last week tentatively awarded Delta Air Lines the right to serve Tokyo Haneda from Seattle, after a to.
Tokyo’s Haneda Airport Heats Up with International Flights

Tokyo International Airport, also known as Haneda Airport (HND), is one of the two main gateways into Japan’s capital city. Founded in 1931, it was Tokyo’s airport until its counterpart, Narita (NRT), was opened in the late 
Hotel Review – Hotel JAL City Haneda | ORD to Anywhere

My stay at the Hotel JAL City Haneda on a quick layover on the way to Okinawa. Continue reading »
Delta says move from Narita to Haneda being impeded by …

Delta Air Lines (DL, Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson) CEO Richard Anderson says his airline’s plans to switch its Tokyo operations from Tokyo Narita to the more centrally located and appealing Tokyo Haneda have been impeded 
Dylan and Cole Sprouse’s Arrivals to Haneda Airport Japan!! | Dylan …

Dylan and Cole Sprouse arrived to Haneda Airport Japan and their fans gave them a very nice welcome to their amazing country lets remember our boys will be on a 10 days across 10 different cities as Shin Koyamada’s 
The battle for Haneda redux | Airline Business – Flightglobal

US airlines love Asia. Well, at least the slots to fly there.Mainline carriers are once again posturing against one another for a slot pair at Tokyo’s clos.

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