For His Birthday

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For the longest time… I never knew what to do for boyfriend’s birthday.  No matter what I pick, it sounded kind of lame  and I guess I like planing romantic but not cool… awesome fun I guess… I guess my ex and I never really had same taste but for the first time in my life, I knew exactly what my boyfriend would like.

Of course it took me a while to pick the perfect restaurant and on top of that I know that my boyfriend is planing to propose for my birthday so I could not go for too casual. So I decided to do something that I would expect of him for my birthday. I knew that what I would like is what he would like… because he is romantic type of guy and … I wanted to do something special.

So… I picked the most romantic place I know of.  Restaurant in land mark tower. There were three restaurants in the 69th and another one in the 70 floor and… I had choice of Chinese, Japanese and French restaurant so my instinct told me to go all out and pick French restaurant.  I booked a place one month in advance for a window seat with a perfect night view of Yokohama. I also special ordered cake with a message.

On the day of his birthday date celebration, we went to Enoshima aquarium, had a sexy time and head out for Yokohama … walked around Queen’s Tower and Land Mark Tower Mall and we had a dinner. Restaurant was great. I’ve been to Japanese restaurant but I’ve never been to French so I was nervous but it was gorgeous. It was very quiet and very adultish.  It was dimly lit and we got to see the sun set there. Window seat was great and the cake was just amazing. The message said Happy Birthday M I Love You and he loved it. I ordered meal in advance from appetizer, soup, fish, meat, dessert and coffee.

For the first time in my life, I met someone who appreciate all the romantic gestures. He truly loved it and despite of the fact that he could not yell out his happiness cause you know it was very quiet hotel restaurant but I’m so glad he loved it! In fact, he was so happy about everything he got me flower the next day 🙂


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