Choshi Port Tower

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Choshi Port Tower is located in tip of Chiba. It is located in middle of nowhere but…. if you are looking to con-quire all the towers, check this place out.  Reason M and I went to this place was because M collect souvenir medals and it is one of the place you can get the medal.

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Sekai No Maruku Mieru Oka Koen  is a park located by Choshi Port Tower. It is a few min drive away. It is another place that you can buy souvenir medal. From this little park, you can see the view  of country side Chiba.

We stopped by these places after strawberry picking in

Baba Image – Choshi Port Tower

The Choshi Port Tower is about 60 meter high. Located quite near to Choshi fishing port. Visitors can have a magnificient view of the Pasific Ocean, the mouth of the Tone River and the local fleet of.
This is where I live.: 2012 CHI-BA+KUN Ambassadors in Choshi …

Really lovely weather from atop the lighthouse! You can kinda see Choshi Port Tower jutting out of the horizon. Our final destination: Chikyu no Maruku Mieru Oka! After the lighthouse, we proceeded onto our next and final 
Melihat Hawai dari Choshi City… |

Melanjutkan perjalanan menuju Choshi Port Tower. Sesampainya di Choshi Port Tower saya begitu amazing melihat pemandangan sekitar. Suasana laut dan hawa sejuk yang begitu menyenangkan. Ingin rasanya main air 
Baba Image – Choshi Fishing Port Town

Near the fishing port… DSC_4183.JPG. Kedai 24jam. Benteng pemecah ombak 1 Comment. DSC_4181.JPG. DSC_4184.JPG. Tak nak turun…angin kuat. DSC_4187.JPG. Prev: Plum blossom. Next: Choshi Port Tower 

. These places are pretty  cool if you are looking for a place to stop by.

Choshi Port Tower




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