Pay Check


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In the past few months, issue of pay check had come up between M and I. Since my opportunity to work full time, M had began to worry that I may make more money than him.  As man are still taught to be the breadwinner,  possibility of making less money than me became his concern for the past few months.  I personally feel that as long as we love each other and we both work together there is nothing to worry about but …I completely understand that society expect him to provide for me…

When I brought up this concern that my boyfriend had with a guy friend, he said that it is true love because I love him despite of the money he makes. I do believe we love each other truly but will our relationship turn upside down because of the income?

I want to believe that it does not but it makes me wonder ….


<a class="sq_news" id="b_0" title="Ten work relationship don’ts – Olé Magazine” href=””>Ten work relationship don’ts – Olé Magazine

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This is what I have done: I once read a book about marriage and learned about “work husbands and wives” and how to ensure they don’t lead to adultery. Keep your work relationship to windows, and not doors. Tell him about Widgets


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