Kamogawa Sea World

ダウンロード (4)

Kamogawa Sea World is pretty far from Tokyo area but if you have a car, why not take a drive. Kamogawa Sea World is famous for having Killer Whales.  Unique things about this aquarium is that there are three big swimming pool for three different shows. Dolphins, killer whales and Seals I believe.

ダウンロード (3)

The beach right next to the aquarium was super duper beautiful. Greenish blueish clear watered ocean and the beach.  If you are looking for  a place to go and if you love going to the aquarium, why not go to Kamogawa Sea World!

Shiramizu Japan Karate Dojo: Shiramizu Summer Camp, 19th …

After training, we packed up and loaded the coaches and set off for Kanagawa Sea world. This was a relatively short bus ride, and the scenery kept the children occupied. The kids were organised into their teams again and 
僕らの色 | candylovepop

I have to go to the 区役所 in the morning, but I really don’t want to. If I don’t hurry, I’ll probably be deported before the end of September though. Haha. I’ll post more pictures soon, probably. We went to Kanagawa Sea World the 



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