Black Eggs

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In the past few months that we had been together, my man and I had traveled around Tokyo area in our days off. Once incident where I really felt that he was the one for me was when we went to Hakone.  We went to Hakone in order to get souvenir medals that he has been collecting.  We rode on two different cable cars and for me the highlight was eating the black eggs.  Now… eggs are not black inside but the shells of the eggs are black . It is boiled in the hot spring … since I was young, eating black eggs at the top of the mountain after little hike had always been my joy.  Eating this one black egg  is said to extend your life by 7 years.

When I got to Hakone with M, we bought black eggs right away. I just wanted to eat it right away so I opened the bag and we started pealing it … but because the bag was super hot from the 5 boiled eggs , I dropped the bag.  I was so up set because one of the eggs fell off the bag and the shell pealed…  instead of getting mad at me, M just picked the egg and a bag up and he just pealed the dropped egg and ate it without saying any word and said “oh it’s tasty.”  I really felt blessed that I am dating a very nice guy.  He did not make me feel bad in any kind of way afterwards abut dropping the egg or about him eating the dirty egg… Any ways, if you love eggs don’t miss the boiled eggs in Hakone because it’s tasty.


Bits and Pieces of #Japan: Hakone Museums | Daily (w)rite

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OPEN AIR MUSEUM, HAKONE, JAPAN – Michael Weening: via Tokyo

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