Fightless Relationship

Rear view of a couple sitting on beach

For the past nine months, we never had a fight. Many people asked us why we are able to maintain a good relationship without any fight. Our secret is we communicate. Similar to what you might see in a couple therapy, we try to express how we feel by not yelling at each other but through starting sentences with i feel.

Surprisingly for us we can express our concern and feeling at the time we are facing the problem with open mind. To be honest, I never thought that using I feel sentences help relationship but without any arguments in the past nine month it proves to me that it is working.

I had raised my voice and got angry
and he had got mad but we were both able to see it as constructive criticism, something we have to work on. Ofcourse, it is difficult to force someone to change their way but for us it is working and I hope we continue to work on our problems like we do now.

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