Second Date

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Second date the the next day. I had no time to get nervous and I had work before meeting him so I had no time to get nervous. At this point, I knew we were going out but I did not know how I should be feeling. I was still nervous of making a bad impression because I mean… anyone can back out of relationship on the second date. We met in the evening and we went to the planetarium that he was planing to take for the first date.

It was my first time in a long long time that I had been to a planetarium so I was not sure what I was expecting but I must say, one of the best date idea ever. It was romantic and it was intimate but not too intimate because we had our own reclining chairs. The one we went to had aroma of lavender while we view the stars above us.  I am not sure how planetarium became so romantic in the past few years but if you are looking for the date to impress, planetarium might do you some good. There are some planetarium that let you put private messages, play your cd, or even rent the whole place for your self for special date with your partner.  It was romantic and I was very happy to know that he wanted to take me to such a romantic place from the first date.

Our second date was as much fun as ever. He had mentioned that we are just like husband and wife on this second date while we were getting pearl tea and looking at our pictures from our first date together.  It made me very happy at the same time embarrassed when he told me that. After all it was only our second date and of course I wanted to have a serious relationship but…referring to us as wife and husband was too much for the second date. Despite of the incident, we had a great time.

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