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Getting Married: How Do You Know for Sure?

By Belinda Elliott
Contributing Writer


CBN.comAlways a bridesmaid…that is what I thought I would be. As I watched friend after friend walk down the aisle and say, “I do” to their prince charming, I wondered if I would ever be a bride. I had dated several guys who wanted to become more serious, but when they would start talking about marriage I would start backing away – quickly. Marriage was a huge commitment, and I wasn’t about to take it lightly. In all of my relationships I had never felt like I knew for sure that the guy was the one.

How do you know that for sure? I would often ask my friends or spiritual mentors. The reply was always the same, “You just know.” Thanks for clearing that up for me.

What does that mean anyway? You just know. I know a lot of things until I change my mind about them. I just knew that I loved the comforter and pillows that I picked out for my bed – until a year later when I decided I needed a whole new look. I know this is trivial compared to marriage, but the logic seemed the same to me. Even if I was sure now that this person was the one I should marry, would I still feel that way in two years? What about in 20 years? I was signing up to be with the person for the rest of my life; I had to be sure.

So how do you know for sure? I would like to offer some ideas. These are things that helped me when I was facing the same decision.

In my case, I already knew Matt quite well. We had attended college together and had become good friends. We even went on a couple dates, but I was never interested in anything more than friendship. But eight years later that friendship had turned into something more, and we began dating. However, I still wasn’t sure I wanted to marry him.

Ask Questions

What did it take to convince me? A lot of talking. I don’t mean that he spent hours trying to talk me into it. I mean that we had to discuss a lot of things. I wanted to know all about him, his hopes, his dreams, his fears, his expectations for marriage, and anything else I could think of. I wanted to talk about every possible situation that could arise in a marriage and find out how he would handle it.

It turns out there are actually books that already have questions like these for couples. I searched the books and the internet to find suitable questions. When we were together we took turns asking each other these questions. Since he didn’t live in the area at the time, we also asked and answered questions by mail. We agreed in advance which questions we would answer and mailed our answers out on the same day so that the other person’s answers wouldn’t influence our own. We learned a lot about each other and what we expected from a spouse.

The questions covered everything from how many kids we each wanted and where we would like to live to who would do the dishes and take out the trash. You can find many of the questions we used in the book, 1000 Questions for Couples by Michael Webb. Other books with similar questions are The Hard Questions: 100 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Say “I Do,” by Susan Piver and 101 Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged,by Norm H. Wright.

It’s important to remember that some people are introverts and need time to process things before they answer. If your significant other is one of those people, respect that and allow him or her to take the time needed. You don’t have to cover all the questions at once. Spread them out among your other activities and conversations. However, if you find that the person you are dating repeatedly avoids answering questions, or feels that the whole idea is a waste of time, be careful. Even guys (or girls) who don’t like to talk about their emotions should be able to communicate freely with the person they love. If they can’t, it could be a red flag in the relationship.

Meet the Family

If you have “interesting” family members, perhaps an over-protective father or an annoying sibling, having your date spend prolonged amounts of time with your family may seem scary. But when you marry someone, you also marry that person’s family. They come with the package. So it is important for each of you to know what you are getting into.

In addition to spending time with each other’s family, discuss your childhood experiences. The way a person was raised shapes their belief system and who they become as an adult. For instance, how did they spend family vacations? Did they even take family vacations? How did their family handle conflicts? How did they handle finances? What are their holiday traditions? These seem like simple things, but when you combine two people with very different holiday traditions, sparks can fly when Christmas rolls around! If you know these family traits ahead of time, you are better prepared to consider what each of you grew up with and decide which of those traditions you want to keep and which you want to change.

It is also important to know about problems within the family. If there were things like abuse or alcoholism in either of your pasts it is important to discuss these issues.

Consider Your Friends

It is true that love can blind us. Often our friends can see things about our relationships that we can not. Do your friends like the person you are dating? If your friends express concerns to you, don’t immediately tune them out. Take some time to prayerfully consider whether what they say has any truth in it.

Take Your Time

Regardless of what you heart (or biological clock) says, you do not need to be in a rush to get married. It is important to take the time to prepare yourself for such a huge step. Are you emotionally ready to get married? You should question your reasons for wanting to marry this person. If it is to make you happy or relieve loneliness, you may find yourself disappointed after the wedding. Or if you have emotional wounds from your past that you have never dealt with, perhaps you should seek counseling about those issues before proceeding to marriage.

Couples also need to take time to prepare themselves financially for marriage. Love can hold people together through tough times, but it doesn’t pay the rent. When you marry someone their credit history and debts become yours too. Be sure your finances are in order and try to pay off any large debts before you get married.


Perhaps, the most important step in deciding if you should proceed to marriage is prayer. God created us and knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows which person will be the best match for us, and He will let us know if we are willing to listen to Him. The key is that we must also be willing to be obedient to what He tells us. We can’t ask God if this person is the right one, then plug our ears because we don’t want to give up the relationship. Surrender your relationship to God from the beginning and be willing to trust His guidance for it.

You Just Know

Once you do all these things, you will have a much better picture of who you are dating and what you both expect in a marriage. There will always be new things that you learn about each other if you do get married, but knowing as much as possible from the beginning will make the transition to marriage much easier.

So how do you know for sure? I think my friends were partially right. In a sense, you do ”just know,” but it isn’t because of some magical feeling that all is right with the world. Just knowing comes from time spent contemplating your similarities, your differences, and how well you fit together. It comes from asking God in prayer if this is His will for you. And it comes from making the decision in your heart that you will remain committed to this person no matter what the future holds. When those three things combine and you sense God’s total peace about the decision, then you can know for sure.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter problems in your relationship along the way. But it does mean that regardless of what those problems are you can look back and know that God brought you together with this person and He will see you through.



FROM http://astrologyanswers.com/love-compatibility-test-top-signs-soul-connection/


Astrology is a wonderful thing, is it not? The gifts from the universe that include the planets and the zodiac signs and all of the beautiful qualities and themes of the constellations in the sky are miracles in themselves. And if you ask me, if the gifts of the universe were left at *just that*, I’d still be one happy girl. But the universe is, well, the universe, and all of the gifts that it has to offer are as big as it gets. It is physically impossible for any one person or being to know what each and every one of those gifts is, that’s the beauty of its mystery as well. But once in a while we discover an element of the universe that reveals one of those little secrets. And that’s exactly what I am going to talk about today. This is a secret from the universe that has little to do with star signs or planets and horoscope compatibility because it is an element that is left entirely up to….destiny. That’s why, every time I say, if you are feeling like you are “failing” any of our horoscope compatibility checks based on your star sign alone, fret not because destiny has something great in store for you that goes…even beyond the stars. And that my friends is the destiny of love compatibility that you created for yourself eons and eons ago. I know it is something many of you wonder about, and I know this because I answer your questions on this very topic every single day. The topic of soul connections. Of course, every individual’s path is unique and individual, so I don’t have ALL of the answers to every single secret that each and every single one of you hold. But I do know some tips that can help you answer your own questions. Questions like, should I stay or should I go, is she my soul connection, and when am I going to meet Him. Many of you have heard me answer, sounds like you have “all the symptoms”. What do I mean by that? This is the love compatibility test we are going to explore in depth, today. Are you ready? Let’s get to it.

The Definition of a Soul Connection

As I have previously discussed, there are many different words and terms for soul connections. Here is a general stream of consciousness on this very topic on how soul connections are formed, to help you determine the differences between these terms for the purpose of this discussion alone. I do need to tell you there are MANY streams of consciousness on the origin and meaning of soul connections, and we at Astrology Answers respect them all. This particular one is one that experts such as astrologer and psychic Silvia Browne and psychic Edgar Cayce subscribe to. A lot of people believe in these tenets and it is these tenets on which I am basing today’s discussion on soul connections.

The origin of soul mates goes back to the beginning of time. At the beginning of time when it was your turn to create your karmic path and your karmic destiny, you chose a Cabinet of people to do so with. That was your first task. With those people you created the blueprint of your destiny that would basically map out exactly what was going to happen to you from lifetime to lifetime. You find those details written on your birth chart or astrological chart. The people you planned that with were your soul connections. Also included in this Cabinet are the legions of angels you have chosen to take this journey with you. Psychics like Sylvia Brown have been quoted as saying the approximate number of angels around you from lifetime to lifetime varies between 60 and 80. So if you think your same sex best friend is a soul connection that you met 7 lifetimes ago, you are probably right. People don’t just put that in their head for nothing. But this is a soul connection, someone that is in that wide circle of your initial Cabinet. Every soul in that circle is a soul connection.

The next term we define out of that circle are soul mates. These are romantic connections that you preplanned, and romantic connections only. This is where the streams of consciousness begin to diverge and create separate theories, one of them including an entirely separate romantic connection known as the twin flame. For the purpose of THIS discussion, I am going to stop where the different theories diverge, and use the terms soul mates and twin flame interchangeably. So this answers two more of your questions. Can I have more than one soul connection? Absolutely. Can I have more than one romantic soul mate? My answer is no, when we are using the terms soul mate and twin flame interchangeably, and here’s why.

The soul mate and twin flame experience occurred at this origin of time, when you were mapping out your destiny. Your own individual soul split into two, one a masculine energy and one a feminine energy. Those two souls became whole individual souls, but they are “mirror” or “twin” energies. That’s why you can’t have more than one twin flame or soul mate connection. You may have other soul connections in your life right now if you are very lucky. But you might not. So this is why you hear people saying, he is the yin to my yang, or she completes me. Meeting a twin flame or soul mate is literally like meeting the male or female half of you. And it is not gender or heterosexual specific, it is about energy patterns. I know a specific twin flame experience where the woman is the masculine energy and the male brings the feminine energy and they are beautiful together.

So I know there are often confusions about these terms, I did want to clarify that. So this article can also be called, signs you have a twin flame, signs you have a soul mate, and the like. The wide circle of soul connections is as Oprah would say, a whole other show. So let’s get down to the brass tax of it all!

Top Signs You Have a Soul Mate
  • Romantic connection. You are attracted to each other, you can’t keep your hands off each other, even when you are apart. This answers the question for those of you asking, “I have been best friends with this guy for years but cant stand the thought of kissing him, but also can’t shake he’s a soul connection.” Yes he would be a soul connection but not a soul mate, or twin flame. The passion between the two of you is karmic, tantric, and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. If you need to ask yourself if it is hot enough, it’s not. The word twin flame has heat in the term itself.
  • Instant knowing. From the second you meet them you feel like you’ve known each other for lifetimes. People spend their entire lives being bitter bananas in love, until the universe sends them their twin flame. “I now believe in love at first sight” are things you will hear when someone meets their twin flame. It doesn’t happen often, which is why when it happens, it literally knocks you off your feet. I know of a girl that was going on her 40th blind date in a row and told her friend, “If he doesn’t speak of Plato before the entrees are served I am never dating anyone ever again”. Her girlfriend laughed and told her to lower her expectations. You can imagine her surprise then when her date asked her over appetizers if her spiritual path included any tenets from Plato’s form and function theory. This instant knowing is not something you can plan or create. Remember, it’s pre-destined.
  • Telepathic connection. Soul mates and twin flames have a very similar unconscious, they are identical in fact but for the exception of the masculine and feminine energies. So when they hurt, you feel it. This is what stops you from lighting into them when you are angry, because you will literally feel their pain. But when they rejoice you also feel it, and this is what makes the connection so awesome. So if you find yourself literally feeling something your partner is going through, it’s a good sign of a twin flame connection. You know what they are thinking before they say it out loud. It’s often “Easy Silence” between you two because you are already in each other’s heads, whether you realize it or not. This is a bitter sweet one for those that are excited about this one. You don’t always want to be in their head either, for reasons already mentioned. Everything they feel, you feel, and vice versa.
  • Dreams. Someone will start appearing in your dreams, to announce their arrival, to indicate their current presence. This is a very common pathway of communication for twin flames and soul mates.
  • Synchronicities. Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences, a term coined by psychologist Carl Jung. The Plato example I mentioned above is a good example of a synchronicity. An event that happens that makes you go, “What are the chances that would happen on a first date?” Those are synchronicities. I always joke with my friends when they ask about those events happening, “Your angels are playing tricks on you, yes it means something, they are trying to tell you something, pay attention.” When a lot of synchronicities happen about one person, and seem to happen more and more often the closer you get, your angels are offering you peace that this is the one. Other signs are 11:11, a very common message from the angels that you are in twin flame energy.
  • Frequent Breakups or Frequent Distance. Yep, I said it. If you are breaking up and coming back to each other a LOT, it might be a twin flame union. Or, if you are separated by distance that is the same thing. If you find you keep going back and forth with each other or distance is keeping you separated right now, it’s a very good sign of a twin flame union. There’s a reason being together isn’t working for you guys, and until you pass those tests, things are going to stay this way. Look for the patterns, your angels are trying to point you towards the test you need to learn here. What can YOU change to break those pattern or cose those distance gaps? Remember that both of you have different lessons, so your patterns are the only thing you can clean up. Once you both commit to those clean ups, the breakups become less frequent. And never worry if your twin flame will or will not come back to you. It is predestined, so the answer will always be yes, IF it is a soul mate or twin flame union.
  • Situational Awareness. This is the military term for the actual occurrence that happens when you physically feel your soul mate when they are not around. As I said there are frequent breakups and distance, and this sign is very important. There will be more times than not when your twin is not around, so this symptom is the one sign that will give you hope and keep you going during those times. It feels like having your back to the door and feeling someone enter the room, but nobody’s there. If you have ever felt like that, you are not going crazy. Your twin is probably thinking of you, reading some of your messages, or planning something with you. Often times you will get a call or a message from them shortly after experiencing this. Yes it’s weird, but if you are feeling it, don’t negate it. It is one of the bittersweet blessings of the union because of course it makes you miss them even more. When it happens, recognize it and honor it and send gratitude for it, and these experiences will crop up even more. And as creepy as it can feel, the silver lining is you get to know exactly when your twin is missing you too.
  • Mirror Lessons. Most of the time both twins have the very same lessons in life. So for example if you are guilty and insecure and have problems with the truth, your twin does as well. So if it seems like you both are dealing with the same garbage issues over, and over, and over again, that’s why. You may learn them together you may learn them apart, but you both will need to learn them until the final stage of your union and purpose completes. So if you’re too shy to call him, and the type to get mad if he doesn’t call you, guess what he’s probably upset about? He’s shy too and too shy to call because you haven’t given him enough green lights to do it. As I said, you will be telepathic with each other and through the journey together will become in sync with these issues as you go along.
  • Unconditional Love. This is not just a, I love you, to your boyfriend at appropriate times kind of love. This is a love that jumps in front of a bus for a person you just met that brought up Plato at dinner. You don’t know why, but you would rather die than hurt that person, and you will run after anybody who does as well. It is unconditional. This person could actually be the most toxic person in your life right now if they are in a different stage of their journey, but you won’t hurt them. At any cost.
  • Push and Pull. This is the bittersweet agony slash bliss of the soul mate and twin flame connection. One minute you are throwing dishes at them telling them you are finally done, the next you are having the most intense makeup sex you’ve ever had and you’ve forgotten every mean thing you just spent hours saying to each other. Or, when you are apart, you wake up one morning and send them a message lighting into them for being so inconsiderate, but are calling them an hour later to apologize for your more psychotic moments of missing them. Psychics and astrologers refer to this as the “push and pull effect” and something we look for when asked about soul mates and soul connections. Intense to say the least.

And there you have it folks. A love compatibility check from the perspective of the soul connection. I know you still have questions so, bring them on. This time when you are telling me about your romantic connection, don’t tell me your star signs alone. I want to help you understand your love compatibility from the soul perspective for this exercise, and want you to focus on your feelings alone. I also need to add a word of caution if this exercise leaves you with more questions than answers. Maybe you didn’t check anything off this love compatibility test at all. Maybe you’re freaking out and thinking you’re not with The One you think you need to be with, and that you are wasting your time because The One is “on its way”. Shake those thoughts out of your head right now. If you are in a romantic experience and it is full with love and you are happy, this is a blessing many reading this would give their left arm for. Keep it, cherish it, nourish it, you are being asked to continue fueling unconditional love through this specific relationship. Maybe you are with your soul connection and I just haven’t listed any “symptoms” that apply to you. And maybe you are not. It’s not the worst thing in the world to be in love and in happy and it not be a soul connection. As we have learned, those connections can be extremely painful. The one thing you can guarantee for sure is that no matter WHAT your soul connection destiny is for you in this lifetime, it is destined. Meaning, no matter what your experience is right now, it is going to happen. You chose that long ago. So sometimes when those things aren’t happening in our lives right now, our test is to appreciate the lesson that IS in our life path right now and make the most of those tests and challenges. And that my friends, is how lessons turn into blessin’s.



This is a great article with some helpful tips on how to connect with our Twin Flames even if we aren’t together physically. Enjoy!



How And When Twin Flames Connect – Twin Flames In Love

by RICHEE on JULY 8, 2012


Throughout all of our lives, whether we were aware of it or not, we have in fact always been “connected” to our Twin Flames. Even before we ever reunited with our twins, we have always shared our Divine Compliments emotions. Being connected, we have shared them with our Twins in happiness and sadness, in sickness and in good health, and from the physical plain to the astral plain. But, when Twins come together in the flesh, even if they are unable to make a life together for a myriad of possible reasons, nothing can keep them apart – not walls, not chains, not oceans, and not even if they live on separate continents. Twin Flames – when they come together, are able to defy all laws that apply to this physical realm – a dualistic plain that is collapsing now, into oneness.

Whether or not you have found your Twin here on earth, in the flesh, or on the astral plain, you are aware of the psychic connection that you both share – it is automatic! However, if you are looking for your twin, seeking advice on these divine relationships, or trying to hone your new-found abilities after the recent discovery of your Twin Soul, then maybe you will find something in the body of this article to help you – better connect. Just think of it as one Twin Soul offering help to another Twin Soul. Which is what we are supposed to be doing, right?

So, how do Twin Flames connect? Simply put – they connect across all space and time through LOVE. That is it! There is no incense burning, no wizard behind the curtains, and no smoke & mirrors. Love is the key to connecting with your Twin Soul. Without love, nothing is possible. However, when the Twins keep their hearts open and full with the love of their divine counterpart’s essence and energy, they are connected! When Twin Flames become filled with love, they can experience everything that their other half is experiencing across all time, space and distance. You may see, touch, taste, smell, feel, and be with one another if you so desire.

Let us say that you have found your Twin, and that you want to “see” him or her. You know you are connected and you are certain that you are in love, but you cannot be together because you are separated by distance. So here is what you can do – close your eyes, and begin to think of all those things that you love about your Twin – especially their Essence. Envision yourself as being right there with your Twin and feel your heart fill with love. When your heart is all “big inside” or “full,” this is when your connection is at its strongest and will help to amplify your experience. Therefore, when you feel your heart fill with love, with eyes closed, envision that you are literally right there with your Twin and you may be surprised at the clarity with which you will be able to perceive him/her. This is not imagination, although the approach is similar. Speaking from experience, you will literally be able to SEE your Divine Compliment – in real time! Moreover, it does not always require a meditative mode or state of being. Some of you will be able to see your Twin Soul wherever and whenever you want. You may see them driving in their cars, at the computer, in bed, or at work – and it will not matter, eve n if you live in Australia and he lives in Europe.

Seeing your Twin Flame across space and time may take some practice and getting used to. After all, we are not actually seeing with our eyes anymore. We perceive them across time and space through the vibe of love – similar to the way shamans would journey in the days of old. If you and your twin are able to communicate, via the phone or internet, share your experiences with each other and verify them for accuracy. This will help you fine-tune your abilities and help you to understand the difference between real and imaginary. However, I would be willing to bet, you will both be very surprised at how accurate this vibe of love really is. The vibe of love connecting Twin Flames is a star gate, a wormhole, and a time machine all in one. In addition, when Twin Flames come together in divine love, they receive access to the Kingdom of God.

Connecting with your Twin Flame, in the act of love or sex, whether you are with or without him/her, is the most beautiful display of creation one can ever experience. Making love with your Twin is unlike any other love you will ever have made. It is dreamlike, it is electric, it is Heaven, and I could go on and on and never find the appropriate words in any language on this planet to accurately describe its true meaning or essence. It is simply impossible because the experience itself goes beyond words and imagination. Nevertheless, it is the human dream – the pinnacle of all life experiences – the divine union of masculine and feminine energy.

Sex with your Twin Flame is rarely about self-pleasure, because each of you will be so intent upon giving or serving the other that it will not matter. The joy is really in the giving! In fact, your love for one another will be so great that you may feel as though you could just give all day long and be just as satisfied even if you never received a bean from the other. Lovemaking with your divine counterpart can and does last for hours. If it were not for the daily necessities of having to eat and drink just to stay alive, the two of you could go on and on until you collapse in exhaustion. Yet, even then, you may find yourself wanting to display your affection in ever changing new ways of love.

Now, let us say that you have found your twin but cannot be with each other because you live on opposite ends of the earth. Being connected, you may find that you are able to make love to your twin through the dream state, in meditation, over the phone, and by simply closing your eyes and envisioning yourself doing so. It is quite that simple. Remember, this is not self-pleasure; there are no hands required or need for the Twin to be there physically. The only thing you need to have to make love to your Twin when you’re separated by distance are hearts full of love, which in turn creates an open connection between the two of you, whereby you will be able to send and receive- LOVE! Through this vibe of love you will literally be able to make love to your twin without ever laying a hand on him/her and in turn and you may receive all the pleasures that you would if you were there, physically – but only better – much better! The secret to success in making love while you are, separated, will depend only on how much “Love” you hold with your Twin.

Let us say that you have decided to meditate on your Twin Soul and you are both aware that you will be meditating on each other at exactly the same time. Once again, close your eyes and let your heart be filled with the essence of your Divine Compliment. Next, envision yourself (without expectation) as standing or sitting directly in front of him/her. The key to successfully contacting your twin is in the envisioning of him/her. Through the vibe of love that you have for each other you may visit each other wherever and whenever you want!

Once you have made contact with your Twin and have a visual the rest is up to you. For me, personally, I prefer to go right up to my Twin at first contact and kiss her. How could I not? I find her irresistible. In addition, do not be surprised to see your Twin “split” from the physical form if they have not done so by the time you reach him/her. This is normal but may take some time to digest if you have not experienced it before. After all, it is very profound! With the realization of the power that you have, some of you may be able to try it all on and find that it fits like a glove, while for others it may take some time to accept – especially while you balance out any karma from the past. In the beginning it may seem overwhelming at first as if what you are experiencing is like something out of a Hollywood film. Words of advice – Welcome your Twin Soul and the new-found abilities that go with this relationship because you will never find another like it.

Other things you may notice while being with your Twin in the spirit world is that you may choose to perceive each other, as he/she would appear in the physical, or you may perceive your Twin as pure energy. The perceiving of your Twin in the physical is enough, alone, for the beginner to be “wowed,” but when you see and feel the pure energy of your twin soul, this can create an overwhelming sense of ecstasy that can sometimes be so powerful as to break you from your meditation or snap you back to the physical. When this happens, take a break! There will be other times, because your love, which equals the ability to touch each other across time and space, is going nowhere, for you are awakened. Simply being together, you collapse all time, space and distance. You are the human dream!

As an end note: Paula (my Twin Soul) and I believe, as we are now beginning to experience, that as more and more Twin Souls reunite and “come online,” so to speak, a collective consciousness will e merge. This collective consciousness will not only link yourself to your twin, but will link you to all other Twin Souls that are out there. As more and more Twin Souls come online, the speed and connection we have to work with will improve. We are literally creating our own web of communication made possible by LOVE. We could all very well be linked together through this collective consciousness, which is now accessible.




Twin Flames embody the energies of Creation, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.
A Twin Flame couple is a cell in God’s heart.

The shared Twin Flame or SoulMate heart is an opening to deliver God’s Love to all of Creation.

God’s Love comes to us every Now Moment in pulsations which sustain all of life.

Reunited Twin Flame couples feel those pulsations as ecstasy together.

Twin Flame couples not only deliver God’s Love but generate new Love to add to God’s Love.
The fiery molten Love shared by Twin Flames can actually melt the frozen hearts of humanity and help God return them to Love.


When you come together with your Twin Flame, even in consciousness before meeting in the physical, you begin creating a shared SoulMate heart.

This Twin Flame heart is a powerful tool for bringing the world back to Love. Anything or anyone placed in the Twin Flame heart is brought right to God, and thus returned to Love.

God asks you to commit to coming together in consciousness to build this Twin Flame heart together, before coming together in the physical.

This creates a firm foundation of Love for the relationship on the spiritual level.


Why is it so important to build the Twin Flame relationship in consciousness?

Most relationships on Earth are ego relationships based on old relating patterns, fears and superficial judgments.

The ego always creates separation and represents what we are healing here on Earth.

The ego keeps us turned away from Love or being truly in our heart.

The SoulMate heart is so powerful that a couple must be committed to living in the heart and not the ego if they want a true SoulMate relationship.

Coming together in consciousness builds a foundation in Love and a real heart relationship, before coming together physically can bring up any possibilities of superficial judgments.


Everyone has had the experience we call intuition. It is a knowingness of the heart that bypasses the mind. Meeting in consciousness is the awareness of your Twin in spirit, in your heart, in knowingness.

The Twin Flame energy is so powerful that by focusing on your Twin, calling him or her to you, and sending Love from deep in your heart, you can quickly move into a glorious relationship in consciousness.

Soon you will feel the SoulMate heart you are building together.

Then, by agreement, you will begin working together with your SoulMate heart to give Love, not only to each other, but to all of life.

This returns you as a Twin Flame couple to the flow of Creation which is based on giving. What you give comes back to you, and your Twin Flame relationship will grow in amazing ways.


Twin Flames were created by God as a package of Creation, each being the embodiment of Love for the other. Thus, your Twin Flame is the perfect mirror of the Love you are as God created you, but carrying the opposite charge (Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine). Being two halves of the same heart, when you look at your Twin Flame you see yourself. So Twin Flames always mirror for each other the “state of your heart.”

According to the law of vibration, Twin Flames would not come together until they could meet each other in perfect Love. This would be difficult for most people on Earth. However, with the SoulMate Dispensation from God, Twin Flames or SoulMates are now able to come together here before each is living perfect Love. This is exciting for us and holds great promise for the world.

It is important to understand that because your Twin Flame is your mirror, if, at the time you meet, you have “heart’s beliefs” that are ego or fear-based, they too will show up before you in your SoulMate. As Twin Flames say “Yes” to Love and draw together, there are three things that are critically important.

First, each person must be deeply and completely committed to acknowledging his or her ego/old beliefs and making the shift to the heart again and again, bringing each old belief to God to transform.

Second, each couple must be committed to seeing themselves together as a unit, choosing Love over ego. For example, if one person falls into fear based on an old relationship issue, this is a situation for both people to address together. As a couple they must view the ego reaction as something that is not who they truly are, not real, and as something that they can transform. If the person in fear cannot see this clearly, the other person must always stay in the heart, giving purest Love to their partner.

Third, Twin Flame couples must daily, even hourly, give their will to God, keeping their focus on Love and trusting God to carry them “across the veil” into perfect Love. From the Messages from God: “If a couple together keeps their focus on Me, they can shift easily to Love” “A Twin Flame couple is focused together on Me, for where your focus is, so you create; so you shall be. So ‘in this world’ as the Twin Flames or SoulMates come together, the initial focus is on each other. But then, the opening of the heart this creates must be used to turn both people to Me, together. A couple giving together, focused on Me is available for Real Love, and the proof will be the feelings of ecstasy and the expression all around them of the one truth of Love.”

Remember, if you choose each morning together to see only Love and to be only Love and strongly attune your hearts, you will experience only ecstasy and joy together and all else will transform in the fires of your Love. Affirm together that it is easy. Love is what you choose. Remember that we’ve already “walked it back” for you and go for pure Love, giving together to humanity and being a very important part of lifting the world back to Love.


You may have had many experiences in your life that at the time seemed negative, difficult or even traumatic. Now as you come together with your Twin Flame you will understand these things in a whole new way.

Part of God’s plan was for us to experience every aspect of human life, and when we come together with our SoulMate, we then use our SoulMate heart to bring every experience of anti-Love back to God, and thus to Love.

So now you can see that everything you’ve been through, no matter how difficult, has been for a reason. You will “walk it back” to God with your Twin Flame , and with you will be “walked back” all similar experiences on the planet by the law of resonance

~Author Unknown


“Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels, but have no love, I am sounding brass of a tinkling cymbal…Though I tell what is to come, and know all secrets, and all wisdom; and though I have faith strong as the storm which lifts mountains from their seat, but have not love, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and give all my fire that I have received from my Father, but have no love, I am in no wise profited… Love is patient, love is kind…Love is not envious, works no evil, knows not pride; is not rude, neither selfish; is slow to anger, imagines no mischief; rejoices not in injustice, but delights in justice…Love defends all, love believes all, love hopes all, love bears all; never exhausts itself; but as for tongues they shall cease, and, as for knowledge, it shall vanish away……
I honour the love you anchor on the earth plane……IN LAK’ECH



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Telepathic Love Therapy

Telepathic Love Therapy

FROM http://www.vibrational-alchemy.com/telepathic/intro.htm



Telepathic Love Therapy is a technique you can use to help heal a loved one, to help heal the relationship between yourself and a loved one, or to help heal yourself.

It can provide love and support for someone who is in a time of crisis or going through a healing process. It can have a profound effect on the relationship between two people, and is especially helpful when you are experiencing problems in communicating or interacting with someone, for example, your partner. It can also be used to great effect, simply to enhance, harmonize and develop your relationship with someone.

Telepathic Love Therapy involves telepathically sending your love to another person or yourself. We all have the potential ability to do this – it is something that can be learnt and developed.


Sending Love To Another Person

This technique is best practiced while seated in a meditative state or lying in bed. Think of the person you wish to send love to and focus on them for a few moments. Set the intention in your mind that you are about to telepathically send your love to that person. It is important that you send your love gently and unconditionally. Hold the intention that you are going to make your love available for them to accept if they choose, rather than that you are going to force it upon them.

Next, think of how much you love and care about the person. Feel these feelings in your heart and let them begin to build up. Now imagine that these emotions are available to flow from you to the person, in the form of a beautiful energy. Imagine that you are gently offering this love energy to the person. You will need to be intuitive and sensitive to the receiving person. Try to feel whether or not they seem to be accepting this energy from you.

You may have to spend ten minutes or more in this initial stage of gently offering your love and making it available to the person, before they start accepting it. If they do not seem to want to accept it after trying for about ten minutes, stop and try again another time.

If the person starts to accept you love energy, you should notice that it seems to have begun flowing or that it feels like it is going into them. You may find you need to keep bringing your awareness back to the feelings in your heart, in order to maintain the generation of your love energy, or you may find that your love will just keep coming forth automatically. Once the receiver starts to accept the energy and it starts flowing to them, it will usually build up gradually to a more steady flow.



You will need to be intuitive and sensitive to the receiving person in order to be aware of when they have had enough. You may also notice at some point that they have had enough of one kind of love and then need another kind. Some examples of different kinds of love a person may need are: caring, nurturing, warmth, supportiveness, comforting, calming, soothing, acceptance, understanding, gentleness, sweetness, reassurance, encouragement and forgiveness.

Telepathic Love Therapy is most effective when sent regularly (daily in some cases), and a suggested time length for each sending session would be between fifteen minutes and an hour. This technique works on a subconscious level, by-passing the conscious mind of the receiver. It is not necessary to tell the receiver you are doing it, and the technique is often more effective when they are totally unaware that you are.

You don’t have to know where the receiver is or what they’re doing. Distance is no barrier. They can be lying next to you asleep, or hard at work on the other side of the world, and your love will automatically go to them and do its work. You will usually find that a person will accept the love you send more readily after the first couple of sessions, as they get more used to it and come to trust it. When you send someone love on a regular basis, the connection between you will develop over time and you will most likely be able to sense it developing.

You may find you have been sending love regularly to someone for a while, and come to a point where it doesn’t seem to be flowing as well as it used to, or you no longer seem to be connecting with the person very well when you do it. This could be because the receiver is now subconsciously pulling away. This may be because they need some space, and a break from the love you’re sending, or it could be because they just need a bit less. It is possible to smother someone by sending them too much love, in which case the effect will not be beneficial.

If you think the receiver may be pulling away, you will have to use your intuition and either stop completely for a while (a couple of days or maybe more) or try sending less.

Sending love telepathically will stimulate your heart chakra to open further. The more you practice, the better you will become at it and the more love you will be able to generate. You will find that as you channel your own love, you will be filling yourself with it as well. This will have a very beneficial self-healing effect. It is common to notice yourself full of love and feeling wonderful after a sending session.

This technique is a great compliment to absent healings sent using Sekhem, Reiki or other channelled healing energies. It will balance and support the person during their healing process and can also speed up the healing process.

Telepathic Love Therapy can have miraculous results. Some examples of improvements in a relationship that often result are: feeling more in tune with one another, noticing less of a barrier between you, feeling less distance between you, feeling more love and warmth between you, noticing a feeling of greater understanding of one another, feeling more connected with each other, generally feeling more whole, happy and fulfilled in the relationship.

If the person you want to send love to is a romantic partner, you can call on the help of Eros the God of Love, to help the person accept your love. Eros loves helping love along. If you want to try this, just mentally focus your mind upon Eros for a moment, with the intention of connecting with him, and then explain the situation to him and ask him to help.


Eros and his lover, Psyche


You can also call upon the help of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, in the same way.




Call on both of Eros and Aphrodite, for double the support.


Sending Love To Yourself

Sending love to yourself is highly therapeutic. If you can master the art of sending love to yourself, you will have an invaluable tool for self healing and for generating feelings of happiness and wellbeing within yourself.

Subconsciously believing and feeling “not good enough” and “unworthy of love” is a fundamental part of the human experience. We usually don’t even realise we have these beliefs and feelings but they are influencing us all the time. They compromise the way we function in relationships, and effect our motivations and emotional reactions in a big way. Healing these beliefs and feelings and learning to love yourself is an essential step in becoming happy and whole.

Sending love to yourself is a simple and effective way to work on healing subconscious beliefs and feelings that you are “not good enough” and “unworthy of love”. It will also help you to learn to love yourself.

If you can send love to someone else, you can send love to yourself. If you find it difficult to generate loving feelings towards yourself, there is an easy way to get started. Practice sending love to others until you feel it is working and you are getting the hang of it. Then when you feel ready to start sending love to yourself, do as follows:

Begin by sending love to someone you are used to sending love to. Wait until your loving feelings have built up and the energy is flowing. Then while it is flowing, set the intention in your mind that the energy now be re-directed to flow to yourself. Do not think about the fact that you have changed the destination of the energy – just keep focused on generating the love and letting it flow. Try to maintain it flowing for as long as you can or for as long as feels appropriate.

When you have finished, take some time to relax and notice how you feel. You should notice some degree of upliftment, support, wellbeing or love in or around yourself. Sometimes you may not notice the effect until some time later.

The more you practice this technique, the easier it should become. After a while, you will probably find you can send love directly to yourself without having to begin by sending it to someone else. The better you become at it, the more you will be able to provide yourself with love and the more you will be able to heal yourself. Sending love to yourself becomes a very pleasant experience and something you will look forward to practicing. To have an ongoing healing effect, you will need to practice this technique regularly – ideally several times a week.

The easiest and most convenient time to send love to yourself is when lying in bed before going to sleep or before getting up after sleep. You may find it difficult to get this technique to work and it may take a lot of determination and perseverance but if you can get it to work, it can be very rewarding.


Sending Love To Your Inner Child

When we are adults, the person we were as a little child is still a core part of us. Our inner child has the same emotional needs, and unmet needs, as we did when we were young. It is the part of us that is most in need of love. In our adult relationships, we subconsciously look to our partners to fulfill our unmet childhood needs.

As an adult, it is important to take care of your inner child. Caring for and healing your inner child is a huge step in healing yourself. You cannot feel truly happy and whole if your inner child is suffering.

When sending love to yourself, you can set the intention in your mind that the energy be directed to flow to your inner child. Sending your own love to your inner child is a simple and effective way to work on nurturing and healing your inner child. Once you feel you have got the hang of sending love to yourself in general, try gently and carefully sending love directly to your inner child. It really hits the spot!


The Reiki/Sekhem Personal Growth Accelerator

The Reiki/Sekhem Personal Growth Accelerator is a simple self-treatment, self-healing system that can be used to help develop your ability to send love telepathically. It is based on a form of universal energy called Sekhem.


A visual representation of the Sekhem universal energy


Sekhem embodies the energy of unconditional love and is an excellent tool for developing and expanding your heart centre and for increasing your ability to give, receive and send love. You can use Sekhem to channel unconditional love from the universe into yourself. You may be able to connect with the Sekhem energy by gazing at the above picture.


Developing and expanding your heart centre


This system is available for free to anywhere in the world. For more information, please click below:

The Reiki/Sekhem Personal Growth Accelerator


Also see:

The Sekhem Law of Attraction Accelerator



Moon Language


Moon Language is a 4 minute slide-show music video tribute to the moon. It is also an Ambient / Dance / Chill Out audio track that is available as free download in several formats, including MP3 and AAC (iPod). To watch the music video on YouTube and for information on how to download the free audio track, please click below:

Moon Language




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2015 Yearly Horoscope: Pisces

2015 Yearly Horoscope: Pisces

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Get ready for love, romance, and glamour galore in 2015, Pisces. You’ve got so much going for you in the realm of partnering and fusion. Neptune continues to bring the special sparkle to your sign (that began in 2012). You’re an irresistible sexy siren with the added bonus of Jupiter in your opposite sign starting this August. You can use this power to your own discernment, dear. You have enough magic to go solo, if you so choose. If you have been having trouble cutting cords with someone or something on the toxic side, this new phase starting in August will help you to get clear on making the break. If it’s not in your highest interest, it doesn’t belong, and it won’t stay.

Relationships are definitely highlighted with Jupiter in your polar opposite constellation, but that encompasses all of your significant one-on-ones. Your tendency is to merge, but Jupiter brings the wisdom to hold your own while choosing your companionship carefully. Virgo is the sign of picky discrimination, so you’re less likely to see your beloved through the typical Neptunian rose-colored glasses once this new phase kicks in this summer.

The last of seven Pluto-Uranus squares will hit this March, close to your birthday. You have been in a long-standing evolution of the kind of friendships you choose to nurture. This finale of breakthrough energy will help make it crystal clear what you desire and what you need to release in order to come into your highest form of authentic magic. The transformation may have felt imperceptible in that typical Pisces, subtle way, but trust that there is major change happening in terms of your dreams, wishes, and social network. Money issues can be a bit unpredictable and explosive at times, but at least you’re learning the supreme lesson of detachment and flexibility when it comes to the material world.

As your planetary guide, Jupiter starts 2015 in retrograde status along with Mercury. This could have you in a retrospective mode, especially when it comes to daily discipline and routine. It’s super important to take notice of the rituals that support you versus those that drain you. If anything, taking more time for health, healing, and well-being is essential while Jupiter retrogrades in your solar Sixth House until April 8th. Don’t allow pressure and stress to mount until the point of strain on your heart and circulatory system.

There is a potent Pisces Solar Eclipse on March 20 that could bring many submerged issues to the forefront, including health if you haven’t been taking good care of yourself, darling fish. If you’re feeling sluggish and drained, keep the faith because April brings revitalization in the form of a Grand Earth Trine, plus your ruling planet (Jupiter) going direct in Leo. Also, Mercury and Mars bolster your intuitive powers on April 22.

Domestic affairs could get a bit messy this May with the second Mercury retrograde at the base of your chart (May 18 through June 11). Old and almost-forgotten family issues could rear their ugly heads once again this spring/summer. Watch for gossip and petty backbiting with relatives, and don’t believe everything you hear during this tricky transit.

On a more spiritual and sublime note, your ruler will have a standoff with Neptune this July, bringing the whole business of romantic merging into the spotlight. You may have a hard time figuring out where you end and another begins in 2015, Pisces. Then again, this is an eternal issue for your sensitive and permeable style.

There is an incredibly romantic influence bursting on your scene in 2015, Pisces. First off, you’ve got the glamorous and alluring presence of Neptune in your stars for the long haul. Let your siren call magnetize the kind of loving presence you most desire.

If you have been feeling trapped in a negative or all-consuming love affair that has zapped your life force due its toxic properties, Jupiter will likely set you free this summer by shining the light on how much you have been sacrificing in the name of love and relationships. Your discrimination kicks in once again, and you can bid farewell to any codependent tendencies that were holding you back from true companionship and connection. Jupiter brings great wisdom to your house of partnering starting in August until the end of the year.
Saturn is a bit missing-in-action between June and September, so try to get your game face on before then. You’ll need a serious sabbatical this summer if anything productive is going to happen during the surrounding months of 2015, Pisces. You prefer to live in a dream world of your own making as it is, but this summer could be a total free-for-all. September is an excellent time for manifesting something close to miraculous connections and benefactors when it comes to making your vision a reality.

Your two ruling planets will face off to magnetize some powerful juju to your glamorous world. Plus, the continued presence of Neptune in Pisces reminds you to live on the invisible and energetic plane first to create the outer world movie you so desire. You understand the energetic mechanics behind this world of illusions and delusions more than most and can thus work the magic of the subtlest realms. Music, poetry, dance and cinema are your best friends when it comes to sourcing inspiration. Use the summer months to reconnect to exotic forms of imagery and inspiration when Saturn moves back into your house of foreign travel and delights. Venus will play a very powerful role in your career this September, so get the play and escapism out of your system this summer in order to be money-minded during the latter half of 2015. You don’t want to miss out on the fabulous career mojo.

After September 22, Saturn will go back into your career zone and push you to attain what you never thought possible. This will require consistent dedication and ongoing, relentless efforts but the rewards are so worth the effort, Pisces. Just push yourself to push through for the next few years and you’ll be totally smitten with the outcome, not to mention exceedingly proud of yourself. Don’t let anyone convince you that you’re some kind of dazed and confused, dreamer. You’re a powerful visionary and manifestation machine.

The powerful Solar Eclipse in your house of others coincides with all of this powerful fall planetary action to speed up change and advancement towards your potential and goals. You could easily attract a partner to support your vision and take care of the side of things that are harder for you. In other words, your perfect compliment. You know, the one to handle the details and take care of all of those challenging mundane day-to-day challenges.